It’s this simple – one person, who really gets to know your business, builds a bespoke team of experts to produce effective brand and digital marketing. It’s all the full agency benefits, but without the price tag.

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Where it all began My journey with Flexseal began almost 18 years ago. I was on the way back from a meeting via Barnsley, where they are based, and decided on a whim to do a cold call drop-in and try my luck. My business development tool back then was a showreel of my work…

Why You Should Always Keep Your Website Updated

If you’re an owner or Managing Director of a small- to medium-sized business, you almost certainly have a company website. (If you don’t, for goodness sake, get in touch with Paul asap!!!) There’s also a good chance that you’re paying for some sort of monthly maintenance package to keep the website ‘up-to-date’. But what does…


Welcome to the second instalment of our new blog series where we showcase technical innovations that could revolutionise the world. Each article features a selection of disruptive technologies relating to a specific industry. In this article, we take a look at the latest and greatest developments in the transportation industry and wax philosophical about their potential…

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