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HERRON + CO is a small company. And as a small business owner, I believe small businesses matter.

Right from the beginning I’ve had a passion to help the underdog. Having spent years creating B2C work in big agencies for Breweries, Fashion Labels and the Gaming Industry, I felt I knew a thing or two about hitting a demographic. So I took my knowledge to B2B clients in the Sheffield City Region – dirty, unglamorous, honest, straight-talking businesses (the kind of companies most designers don’t ideally want to work with).

It’s been brilliant.

The reason I tell you this is not to big up myself – it’s to talk about the power of small.

Small is flexible. Small is quick to react. Small means you can specialise, be great at something. Small is ambition.

Of course small has its disadvantages too. It means you’re less able to access finance. It can leave you vulnerable when times are hard. And vital decisions about growth tools like branding and an online presence are often limited by cashflow.

This is where I can help out the smaller firms. In the same way I question why B2C brands are the focus for most design agencies; why should small companies get second rate branding? In today’s online world, successful small business brands are marking their territory, competing with larger established organisations and offering access to their products and services 24/7.

The truth is you don’t need to spend bucketloads of cash to begin to build a serious brand. You just need to start small, understand what sets you apart, engage with your customers, and trust a good design agency – one that believes small businesses don’t always stay small.


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