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Over the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects while also spending time on a very special piece of print: our new brochure. It’s been a real labour of love for all of us at HERRON + CO; everyone brought their unique talents on board to help produce something great.

We wanted to share the experience of working on HERRON + CO’s new brochure with our readers. It’s been a rewarding journey, and really exemplifies both our love for design and why print is still so relevant today.

Curation + design

As with all our projects, we like to start with some strategic thinking. What’s the purpose of what we’re creating and why is it important? Every element of the design needs to be emblematic of the work that we do and the way in which we do it.

“We began by thinking about how we could integrate elements of the HERRON + CO brand into the project. It was important that the concept of the grid, symbolic of the company’s strategy and direction, was weaved throughout the design.” — Matt, Graphic Designer at HERRON + CO

The grid symbol, which is featured on the front cover and embedded throughout various parts of the brochure, represents the modular way HERRON + CO functions as a business — bringing bespoke people and teams together to make almost anything possible for our clients.

The curation of the content was central to this initial thinking stage, and something we went back to over and over again. We’ve worked with so many different clients, on a variety of really interesting projects. But our focus, as it always is, was on the end user — the people who were going to be reading the brochure and leafing through its pages.

As designers, it can be tempting to overdesign or make things too fancy; especially when it comes to work you’re producing for yourself. Our ideal audience — potential clients, especially in the industrial sector — had to be our reason for design. We had to put ourselves in their shoes, and in the situations, that they’d be receiving this brochure. We spent hours and hours stripping pages and graphics away, simplifying the design to make it more interesting for them.

This was a really big job for us, and ultimately, very worthwhile.

“It was important that the language and feel of the copy functions seamlessly within the brochure’s design. When it comes to print, words become a graphic element. The copy needed to be simple but impactful, relay the core message and contribute to the aesthetic flow.” — Jennifer, Copywriter at HERRON + CO

The printing process

These days, so many of us are sick to death of screens. Getting away from screen time — being able to sit with a pen and paper or a nice piece of print — has almost become a therapeutic activity. Of course, digital is still vastly important. But designing for print has a really different feel; it’s something I love to do when I get the opportunity.

We worked closely with Mark and his team at ASAP Digital in Sheffield on the brochure to get things right. This was an integral (and also, really enjoyable) part of the process — as a designer you can be drawn to intricate designs that don’t translate into effective print. Being able to get advice from Mark, look through stocks and finishing techniques and test out proofs made us able to adapt our designs to ensure the final product was the best it could be.


When you first open the brochure you’ve got this lovely uncoated, coloured stock with white and black ink, followed by a big impact photograph with a gloss on it. We didn’t have to add those extra material elements, but it has a real power and effect to it — instinctually, you want to run your fingers over it. That’s the power of print; it can just really engage people in a completely different way from digital.

“We have an HP Indigo Press, which allowed us to print the white ink onto the coloured stocks of the brochure. As the brochure is 28 pages, the best option for them was to get it saddle stitched; I suggested we use white staples to match the white ink. Paul had some really top notch photography and the gloss lamination really added to that. Our digital printer is one of the best on the market, but it will only print as good as what it’s given. There was a lot of back and forth between us, working together to make sure it was perfect.” — Mark, ASAP Digital.


I think that in such a digitally saturated world that if you’re going to do print, you need to do it really well. It’s worth it to work with nice materials — the best paper and finishes you can afford — and really go that extra mile. I believe it makes a world of difference when it comes to the return on your investment, and of course, producing a beautiful end product.

“We wanted to play around with tactility of the brochure through colours, breaks in format and materials — like paper stock. One page might be soft and subtle; the next might be a glossy, high impact image. It’s all about creating a journey and engaging the reader.” — Matt, Graphic Designer at HERRON + CO

The end result

Beyond our love of print, the brochure has already become an integral tool for engaging in a different way with our audience. Showcasing what we do through print really enhances our conversations with potential new clients — and helps us create genuine connections with the people we want to work with.

“Print is incredibly emotive, because it’s a physical thing. It’s comparable to the comeback of people buying records. We’re bombarded with so much information from websites, apps and social media that it’s nice to be able to hold something in your hands, and focus on a singular thing without distractions. I think print will always hold some weight in peoples’ hearts.” — Matt, Graphic Designer at HERRON + CO

Having something tactile that someone can look through as you talk instantly enhances your message. You can create a bit of a journey with it, showing them projects that might be similar to their needs and directing them to different features, like testimonials and our working process. It’s also a great way to avoid any issues you can have with tech; finding out where the plugs are, connecting with the Wifi, loading screens. The essence of the HERRON + CO brand and what we do is all right there, in their hands.

“The printing process is similar to baking a cake; you’ve got all the ingredients on the table and then you’ve just got to basically get somebody to take the time and methodically put it together. The different material elements of the brochure meant that it had to be collated and stapled by hand. Print really is about craftsmanship; hand finishing is how we make it happen.” — Mark, ASAP Digital.

This brochure has been a passion project for us — and has already been a really useful sales tool. It’s a little handful of brand goodness, and we’re really proud of it.

Get in touch if you’d like to get your hands on a copy.

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A4 28pp; cover Factory Yellow, 350gsm White & Black Ink; Inner Leaf Turquoise, 175gsm White Ink; 3rd leaf 200gsm silk inc. (Gloss Laminate) 200gsm silk throughout; special pull out 175gsm Factory Yellow, smaller size); hand saddle stitched, white staples

Colour Pages: G . F Smith
Inner Full Colour Pages: Fedrigoni Freelife Satin Premium White

*Both these companies are FSC accredited, sourcing materials from responsibly managed forests.

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