Birmingham Changing Futures Together

“It’s crucial now that as the project draws to a close, the learning that we’ve gathered over the last seven years is clear and easily digestible. We really think that the new website enables those working within support services to embed some of our initiatives into their workplace. The website is now full of personal stories and journeys, videos of our volunteers, blogs from the frontline and practical toolkits to support staff. I feel that HERRON + CO took onboard our requirement to show that those facing multiple disadvantage can have bright futures and fulfilled lives.”

— Jan Pusiak, Birmingham Changing Futures Together


Vibrant New Digital Environment for UK Charity

Birmingham Changing Futures Together provides better support to those in society facing multiple disadvantage by pioneering new ways of working, with services led by those with lived experience. They approached us to help them transform their website which was beset with technical issues. We immediately identified significant challenges around their content strategy and information architecture which manifested in a disjointed user experience.

Based on our analysis our aim was to deconstruct the site and create a digital experience that better serves the programme and its users moving forward.

Our process began with an exploratory workshop. We challenged the information architecture, content strategy, user experience and interface design. This enabled us to devise an improved strategy that would deliver a more logical and accessible digital experience for users.

We also sought to improve the overall aesthetic of the site by creating an uplifting proprietary illustration style that would both complement the Birmingham Changing Futures Together visual identity and emulate to the positivity that they bring to people’s lives.

The result of our work with Birmingham Changing Futures Together is a site that is an intuitively navigated and visually vibrant environment where interesting and relevant content can be accessed easily.


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