Chase Research Cryogenics

“Our new website is useful in a number of ways, including getting contacts and enquiries as well as disseminating knowledge and communicating what we do.”

— Dr. Simon Chase, Director & Founder


From Neepsend to NASA — branding for global researchers

Founded in 1993 by Dr. Simon Chase, Chase Research Cryogenics are world-leaders in the design and manufacturing of sub-Kelvin cryocoolers and heat switches. With customers across the scientific and engineering communities, they work with organisations including NASA and the European Space Agency as well as the world’s leading research institutions including Harvard, Fermilab and more.

HERRON + CO were approached by Chase Research Cryogenics to create a rebrand of the organisation that would feed into the build of a new website. The aim was to develop a modern digital presence that reflected the quality of their products, as well as their position as leading innovators — with a continued and evolving impact on the industry. Having spent time with the team, we created an entirely new brand and visual language that pushed the boundaries, highlighted the significance of their research and was inclusive to their quickly-growing commercial customer-base.

This brand was then built into a considered website that reflects their role as industry-leaders — and will continue to attract some of the world’s best scientific talent to the organisation. Chase Research Cryogenics now has a digital platform and brand that will elevate the importance of their work in the scientific community, impress customers and carry them forward into the future.


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