“As someone with zero experience of corporate branding, it was a leap of faith to completely hand over control to the team at HERRON + CO. However, their creative team made the process very easy to understand and engage with, breaking it down into clear stages so that at all times I knew what we had done and what we were now working towards. The entire design process was carefully managed from start to finish so that there were no surprises and everything finished on time.”

— David Stokes, Lawable


Putting people at ease with a warmer kind of legal brand.

Our journey with Lawable started with a very frank and open conversation with Managing Director David Stokes. David had done what many brave people have done in the past year and decided to resign from the law firm that he’d spent 12 years working at in order to begin his own venture on his own terms. He had a solid idea of what the business should deliver for its clients and was keen to provide a better kind of experience for people needing personal legal services. David also understood the importance of the role brand would play in helping his business take off and came to us to turn a blank canvas into a compelling brand that clients could really believe in.

We were immediately inspired by David’s vision and drive and kicked off the project with a briefing session that really drilled down deep into what the new brand should express and deliver to clients. David was adamant that his new brand should challenge the traditional law firm’s approach to legal services that was often cumbersome, complicated and inefficient. His aim was to provide a more forward thinking alternative that was tailored to client’s individual needs, easy to use, plain speaking and hassle free.

Our response was to create a brand name, messaging suite and visual identity that put the people experiencing it immediately at ease during times of great stress. Our name, ‘Lawable’ conveys an experience that is likeable, capable and reliable. The logotype is designed to be deliberately lowercase so that it appears accessible and friendly. The bespoke letterforms were crafted to have a positive sense of character with subtle curves and soft serifs. We created a light hearted, proprietary illustration style that is both simplistic and relatable. This style allows us to accommodate a number of different scenarios that reflect the Lawable client experience and need. The broader identity uses a warm and versatile colour palette, a more personable typography combination of Bree Serif and Bliss and an overall design structure that is not only straightforward, clear and hassle free but also expresses positivity, simplicity and warmth.

The Lawable brand launched in April 2021 and while it’s still early days David’s new business is going from strength to strength, supported by a brand that authentically engages with his audiences and sincerely reflects his ambition.

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